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EzheGO - the touchstone of “Game Kuo as being in a space-time

Relations between “I” and “peace” - a very interesting question from the standpoint of eternity, from the standpoint of emptiness. And sporting passion - not only possible attitude to life.

25 March 2006

EzheGO - the touchstone of “The Art of Business Strategy. The development of a strategic vision with the game Kuo

Go - is a Japanese board game, the most complex and interesting game in the history of civilization. Guo teaches strategy. The modern computer is powerless before Go. Engage in a game of Go can be any age.

25 March 2006

EzheGO - touchstone “The key strategy

First, do the four corners,To protect them and to influence the parties.Then overlap lines along the sidesSo, to scattered stones from afar gazed into each other.

25 March 2006

Gluek’s blog “Phosphor Beta 1

Phosphor Beta 1 - a stunning shooter, who works in a browser window with the help of technology Macromedia Shockwave3D. Support bots, different weapons, there is multiplayer. Very, very decent graphics

16 March 2006

Quiet extreme geocaching

These containers are classified by not pirates of the past centuries and not spies. Past them, or even on them can pass the crowd. According to recent estimates, 215 thousand caches waiting in the wings around the world

9 March 2006

Sky-Blog: Bridge Builder - Build a Bridge.

Bridge Builder - an old, but exciting game. Purpose of the game - to build a bridge strong enough to allow the train to pass through it without breaking. The game is rather simple and does not take much time to study it. Analysis of stress in the game will help determine the weak areas of your bridge.

8 March 2006

The best simulation of all time was late for 11 years - Crosspost.ru

Disk with toys for consoles Sega CD, been conceived as made popular in America comedians Penn and Teller, had yet to see the light 11 years ago. But only now emerged. One of the games on the disc - Desert Bus (The bus in the desert) - a real masterpiece in the gaming industry. Such games have no one ever created.

2 March 2006

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