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Life is like a tank. Ukraine embraced a new passion - the online game World of Tanks

Daily brutal tank battles killed up to 3 million Ukrainians who immediately raised, and again into the battle. Swept the country a new passion - the online game World of Tanks, - says Maxim Butch number 49 in the magazine reporter December 13, 2013.

17 December 2013

Seoul equate online games Drugs

South Korean authorities want to equate computer games to drugs and alcohol. The relevant bill is pending in Parliament. “We must build a nation free from the four dependencies: alcohol, drugs, gambling and computer” - said the deputy from the ruling party in the country and one of the authors of the bill Hwang Woo Ye.

13 December 2013

Legendary shooter Doom today is 20 years old

December 10 marked the twentieth anniversary of the publication of one of the most influential computer games in the history of the industry - the legendary sci-fi horror shooter Doom.

10 December 2013

NSA and GCHQ spying players World of Warcraft, Second Life and Xbox Live

According to data published in the Guardian, New York Times and ProPublica December 9, 2013, the U.S. National Security Agency, NSA, and the British Government Communications Centre GCHQ monitored the information disseminated by users MMORPG World of Warcraft and Second Life, as well as within the community Xbox Live .

9 December 2013

Xbox One owner got free for a mate while playing in the NBA

A moment later, after the player said a bad word, Kinect identified them, and his basketball team appointed a free throw for a technical foul.

3 December 2013

Microsoft sold 1 million Xbox One less than a day

The other

24 November 2013

Video Games do not affect the behavior of children and TV - even as

It is considered that the key to the emergence of American students with an AK-47 in colleges lies in the bloody and violent video games. Around in the Call of Duty and CS - and then all the real life drag. Well, at least, so say clever aunts and uncles in the TV. The truth is that it is not so.

22 November 2013

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