Americans earned a million dollars a year, playing Call of Duty (Red Bull company even took 22-year-old gamer house in Venice Beach in Los Angeles)

22-year-old American earned one million dollars per year just by playing a computer game. His account in Youtube collected more than a half million subscribers in their videos young man shows the

20 November 2014

Details about 37% Yarosh

Sityuevina with 37% opting for Yarosh (version 1 was growing up. Channel), I was not a little intrigued, as a journalist. And there are still people from the former wording "technical Ukrainian

26 May 2014

Therapist narcologist A.G. Danilin analyzes the popular theory of gambling addiction

" onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" onmouseout="'#fff'">Views on modern computer addiction psychologists and psychiatrists are divided into three types. "

31 January 2014

All the well-known company Blizzard, may reissue the first two parts of the Warcraft series

14 November 2013

Appendix Facebook Occupy W @ ll Street. Russian use of our social network to restore the people against our ideals

This week’s TV RT advised that his application for users of Facebook Occupy W @ ll Street nominated for the award in the U.S., according to Financial Times columnist Gary Silverman. “I am - a child

2 June 2012

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