Online games in China became possible only under real names. From May 1, mandatory identification of identity cards

Play online games in China becomes possible only under real names. The country introduces rules on the use of real data for identification. Users will be required to authenticate their identity in

29 April 2017

Usually conflict are due to “the territory of the prize”, but in this case, the “loser” will be the one who gets control of the depressed Donbas

Ukrainian Donbass is on the verge of economic and social collapse and Russia is becoming a headache, says Foreign Policy. Since March 2014 the region had left 2 million of its 5 million population

5 May 2015

Overview of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon came out on Xbox 360 and PS3 for a long time, in 2011. And she became quite radical updating the series - the first time the action occurred "here in our world," in

5 June 2014

Stavropolets presented himself as a hero computer game GTA. The result of the “game” - one dead, six wounded, several accidents

July 5 at the track “Novoaleksandrovsk-Stavropol” to create a thriller based on the famous video game Grand Theft Auto. As it turned out during the interrogation, police officers, his “hero”, who was

7 July 2012

Gamers will help the U.S. Navy to catch Somali pirates

Long years of training in military academies, the real experience of fighting and other baggage of this warrior is not always the key to a successful operation that has repeatedly been confirmed by

15 May 2011

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