The creator of Full Throttle and Monkey Island is raising money to create a new game - one day raised $ 460 thousand

Tim Schafer, author of classic quests Full Throttle!, Monkey Island and Grim Fandango, intends to “return to roots” - to develop a new adventure. The plans for the legend and his Double Fine studio

9 February 2012

A few hours ago the stock Humble Introversion Bundle

This is the seventh event Humble Bundle - action, in which all those who wish to buy a set of games at a price that sets the buyer, and buyer can manually distribute - much of his money will go to

22 November 2011

Rage Online (Allods Online): Invite a friend and get a gift

Company publisher Allods Online ( decided to declare the event “Invite Friend”. You’ll get the crystals for the money (crystals) in the game your friend.
Below I have laid out the

13 November 2010

China bans online games after child abduction for ransom to pay a monthly subscription to play

Gentstvo Associated Press reports that China banned the advertising of online gaming and restrict access to them after several murder cases in which it appears that young people went on a crime to

29 July 2010

The old 8-bit game for the NES sold for $ 13 105

User of the auction eBay, which has decided to sell the old game console Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and a few games, suddenly became the owner of a considerable sum of money. Lot, the

16 February 2010

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