Than wealthy candidates. Ukrainian presidential candidate filed a declaration on their income

Ukraine was the deadline for declarations of income, which should provide the tax MPs and candidates for president. By law, all documents of officials should be published within the next month, but

2 April 2014

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange became a computer game character

Browser-based flash game on the events surrounding the infamous resource WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, appeared on the Internet portal reported TechCrunch.

In a humorous game,

13 December 2010

Switzerland has banned computer games with elements of cruelty. Gamers are indignant and want to hold a referendum

Swiss Parliament approved a law banning violent games and is preparing to issue a document, prescribe its mechanism of action, reports MCV.

What details will be included in the final version of the

22 March 2010

Sweden has opened an official embassy in the computer game

Sweden becomes the first country in the world, which will open a diplomatic representation in …

28 January 2007