In Los Angeles there was a restaurant where dinner can play computer games

In the largest city in sunny California has opened an unusual restaurant, where dinner all alone, playing your favorite computer games. Visitors uWink communicate only with the touch screen through

29 March 2012

Wii U - new hybrid from Nintendo

What is at this time will surprise us, the Japanese delegation? * Drum roll * A new revolutionary controller. Not original? Oh, come on!
This time, the controller will be staffed by not only the

8 June 2011

The company Yahoo has established bus stops of San Francisco digital screens to passzhiry could play video games

Internet giant Yahoo! set at 20 bus stops in various parts of the San Francisco digital screens that allow passengers, waiting for the bus, play video games.

Passenger may be called representative

24 January 2011

Vista and Second Life

Microsoft has placed in the online game Second Life billboards and screens that will broadcast …

6 February 2007

Birds On A Wire

“Gameplay is like the old 16-bit hit Bust-A-Move: Managing gun at the bottom of the …

29 September 2006