Developers S.T.A.L.K.E.R. founded the studio Vostok Games

Ex-soldiers stalker front of the Ukrainian GSC Game World engaged in the creation of a network shareware shooter. Instead, the project successfully passed away STALKER Two.

In December last year, we

12 May 2012

Kyiv the company that created the game STALKER and “The Cossacks”, decided to self-destruct

I work in this industry. I did not expect. No one was expecting. (BadVadim)

Sergei Grigorovich, founder and CEO of the largest developer of computer games in Eastern Europe - Kiev company GSC Game

9 December 2011

Rumors about the theft of textures team STALKER were exaggerated

The rumors are exaggerated. Valve, as well as GSC confirms that bought the texture from …

16 April 2007

Review of the game STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl

Alas, but make perfect licked the game for six years at GSC failed. Stalker sample …

24 March 2007

Has been released a demo version of STALKER

The company GSC Game World has released a multiplayer demo version of 3D-ekshena STALKER Now …

16 March 2007

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