Computer Shooting alter brain for a week

Brutal video games and computer entertainment for many years, the favorite targets of criticism. However, activists who argue about the corrupting influence of games on the younger generation does

1 December 2011

The “war on terror” will cost more than World War II

The total value of U.S. military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, coupled with the costs associated military operations in Pakistan will be more than $ 4 trillion and could surpass the cost of

30 June 2011

Results issledvaniya ESA: The average age of American gamers is 37 years old

American Association of Software and Computer Games Entertainment Software Association (ESA) conducted a study to determine the average age of amateur virtual entertainment. As reported by CNET, it

9 June 2011

Children learn computer faster than tying shoelaces and cycling

Study of anti-virus company AVG found that children are taught techniques for using computers and electronic devices before and easier than with the acquisition of traditional skills everyday.


20 January 2011

Fans of video games serve in the army better than others

According to the Office of Naval Research USA, combat missions with the best handle those soldiers who are to serve in the army is actively playing computer games.

Gamers are oriented in a combat

28 January 2010

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