They kill the Russians every day

A major American publication - The Washington Post, known for its ambiguous position regarding the mythical "Russian hackers", compiled a list of the main villains of computer shooters. This time

9 January 2017

Pekingese died in an internet cafe after spending nearly a month online

Pekingese died in an Internet cafe after nearly a month spent on the World Wide Web, wrote Tuesday portal Tsyanlunvan.

An unemployed 33-year-old man died on Monday. How to tell members of the staff,

25 February 2011

Rogue Warrior

In the domestic edition of tactical first-person shooter are single campaign in Russian, as well as the full original version of the game in the English language, which allows the network to battle

4 April 2010

Man went blind after four days of continuous play

According to the Chinese edition of China Daily, a fan of online games was an interesting gospitalizovan diagnosed after a held in a computer club for four days in a row, without leaving the virtual

14 January 2010

007 - NightFire

By writing this review, strangely enough, I was prompted an article in one of the …

16 March 2007

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