Monkeys taught to play computer games

Apes that learned to play computer games exhibit the same behavioral strategy that gamers are men. About this at a conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (American

22 February 2011

CES 2010: Results of a press conference SONY

Recently (4 30 am, Thursday) SONY ended the press conference at CES 2010, and of course, the editors managed to MadFanboy’ya corner of my eye to see what was in store mega corporation in 2010. Do not

7 January 2010

Graphics is 2 / 3 of the cost of the game

On Saturday, November 28 start Gstar, organized in Busan company BEXCO. On the stand Hangame all interested persons could get an invitation to a conference on prospects of a game involving

8 December 2009

Report from the conference TERA at Gstar 2009

On Saturday, November 28 at the show Gstar 2009, conducted by BEXCO, held a conference for users. The event team TERA discussed with the users of the major public opinion research data and records of

8 December 2009

The next game from id Software

At QuakeCon 2006 John Carmack announced that id Software has begun work on another big …

8 August 2006

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