Russian Emergencies Ministry is preparing a Fallout - a computer game about the effects of radiation

The Ministry for Emergency Situations is preparing a computer game, the challenge is - to wean Russians from radio-phobia, the fear is radioactive and X-rays. The plot is not yet clear, but the

6 March 2012

In South Korea, for juvenile gamers locked at night to access game resources

The authorities of the Republic of Korea have banned students sacrifice sleep for online games. At night, access to the game, will be closed to minors.

Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism of

13 April 2010

The French government will help the creators of video games

Ministry of Culture of France announced that video game developers will be given tax breaks. …

4 February 2007

TrainingPort Strategies will play for white-collar

Work on these products will be conducted in conjunction with Breakaway Games, the creator of …

5 November 2006