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In RuNet opened to accept payments in Second Life

On April 3 Roboxchange jointly with Metro Corporation opened the service instant automatic account recharge …

3 April 2007

In Second Life exploded several nuclear bombs

Marshal Cahill (Marshal Cahill) did not suit you, as a developer Linden Lab is developing …

26 February 2007

Australians have created a new virtual three-dimensional world

Company Yoick reported the appearance of the Internet Outback Online - three-dimensional virtual world, which, …

19 February 2007

Online game Second Life is now on mobile phones

Probably in the middle of the day you just once, but it would distract from …

16 February 2007

U.S. presidential candidate’s electoral campaign in Second Life

Blogger Steve O’Hir (Steve O’Hear) in his journal at ZDNet said that John Edwards (John …

15 February 2007

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