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In Disney multiplayer game “World of wheelbarrows” can not create avtomobilchik with number 69

Yesterday, Disney released the virtual world of World of Cars Online (World wheelbarrows line) on the popular animated film “Cars” (Cars). In this game a family with parental control is not possible

12 August 2010

Article “The virtual world comes”

The boundary between the virtual and the real world has changed dramatically. It is hard to tell in which direction. Whether the material world becomes more virtual, or virtual is becoming more

1 March 2010

Nowy fashion games for Third World

Our site is updated all the time mode for mobile online game Third World and here again we have updated them, all of whom need to ask to come and do not hesitate to download

20 February 2010

Virtualnyyh enemies “to compel the world”

MPs suggested to introduce incentives for producers of computer games patriotic military-historical themes. In addition, they want to create an advisory council, which will reject overly cruel and

16 February 2010

Man went blind after four days of continuous play

According to the Chinese edition of China Daily, a fan of online games was an interesting gospitalizovan diagnosed after a held in a computer club for four days in a row, without leaving the virtual

14 January 2010

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