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Screenshots FGT, Garden of Dawn

Garden of Dawn is located in the middle of the world Arborea. Here there are all new characters. Some areas, where crowds had just appeared is NPC, which has taken the first quest.

15 December 2009

Demo project closed Fallout 3

Do you remember Fallout? Religious RPG in the post nuclear world still excites consciousness? Still …

2 May 2007

In Los Angeles, hosted an art exhibition dedicated to the eight-bit consoles

In the well-known for its extravagant exhibitions gallery Gallery 1988, had an exhibition entitled “I …

21 April 2007

Raschka - a virtual world for investors

On the recommendation of Artema Eyskova involved in the game Raschka. The online game I’ve …

16 April 2007

Life is complicated

Fans of GTA series worldwide in anticipation, only 184 of the fourth part of the …

14 April 2007

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