The release of the puzzle Never Alone - Game of the indigenous peoples of Alaska

Among the relatively large number of blockbusters, which were now on the shelves of the world, lost a very small project called Never Alone - puzzle game about the life of the indigenous peoples of

19 November 2014

In Steam to Russia is already available Jagged Alliance - Back in Action

Initially, the project was announced under the title Jagged Alliance 2: Reloaded, which was then renamed the Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, but the essence has not changed - it is a remake of the

9 February 2012

LineAge 2 Goddess of Destruction

NCsoft, each time more and more we are encouraged. In Busan (South Korea) was an exhibition, where the company introduced a new update of the legendary online games LineAge 2, under the title Goddess

29 January 2011

In South Korea, depending on the game Starcraft treated with antidepressants

Psychiatrists from the University of Chung prescribed in 11 patients who were diagnosed with dependence on online games (mostly - from the game Starcraft), an antidepressant called Bupropion. The

24 August 2010

With the help of online games can be manipulated human beings

A production center Rocketdog announced the launch of an innovative interactive online games, where characters become real people.

This project, which was introduced at the junction of reality shows

4 June 2010

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