Alex Garland about games, art, and Enslaved

… Alex Garland, a record which had been on the famous “Beach”, “28 Days Later,” “tesseract” and possibly adaptation of Halo. As an avid gamer who tries to raise the bar to a new level of

10 October 2010

Clinton promised to Latvia U.S. support in solving various problems “

U.S. ready to support Latvia in dealing with various challenges facing the country, and do everything to raise the Latvian-US relations, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before the start of

15 June 2010

Good Game Awards: Awards ceremony in e-sports

Good Game Awards - the first in the history of Russia’s gaming community ceremony of …

18 March 2007

Gate 88

Very unusual (available under the three operating systems) freeware strategy combines the features of games …

22 January 2007

PayPal offended ScummVM (PayPal sucks)

Today went to one of my favorite sites - ScummVm, find out what’s new, not …

30 September 2006

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