President of the Organizing Committee of the Sochi 2014 Dmitry Chernyshenko: Putin’s opinion influenced the choice of mascot

This situation need not be perceived as imposing views. President of the organizing committee also urged not to mix politics and the Olympics. “Do not mix Olympics and politics do not need to spend

28 February 2011

Roman politicians were given laptops with computer games, so they do not get bored on long meetings

To pass the time at meetings of the urban economy that can drag on late into the night, members of the City Council of Rome issued laptops fitted with the computer games.

According to the mayor of

29 September 2010


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4 November 2009

PS3 in Mexico

Interesting pricing holds notorious Sony in Mexico. As it turned out, buy the next-generation consoles …

18 December 2006

Xbox 360 will become cheaper?

President of entertainment console unit Microsoft, Robbie Bach, shared with an American edition of his …

28 November 2006