The prize

The multiplayer game for solving of pictures and words.

Korrova - a social game of solving a fascinating puzzle, words and pictures. Competitions are held both individually and in groups and players are awarded with cash prizes, T-shirts with the logo.

24 April 2011

Make a video - get a prize!

At its twentieth Blizzard made a video where he told about all his accomplishments during those long twenty years. Now the company proposes to make a nostalgic video fans.

Blizzard wants in your

22 March 2011

The prize for the subscription?

Email mailing originated at the dawn of the Internet. Now the most famous is There is a list with many thousands of subscribers, but most - of small and irregular.
But nobody in the

22 November 2010

In the period of unpredictable behavior of the dollar, the game is started giving everyone the opportunity to give his prediction

All those wishing to be given the opportunity to try their hand at predicting the behavior of the dollar and euro. Whose forecast will be the most accurate - get money

1 November 2009

My thanks

I decided to announce a competition, whose essence is this: If you are not blue …

13 August 2006