In Steam stopped working offline

A few days ago, many users of digital distribution service Valve faced with the fact that they can no longer go into offline mode, which allowed them to play without a network connection. All games

5 July 2012

Clinton promised to Latvia U.S. support in solving various problems “

U.S. ready to support Latvia in dealing with various challenges facing the country, and do everything to raise the Latvian-US relations, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before the start of

15 June 2010

Has been released flash game, making fun of the situation in Russia Mail

This game in comic form reflects the pressing problems of Post of Russia and the problems of its customers. It is recommended to all who wait and can not wait until the mail.

29 March 2010

The South Korean government has named Gambling Addiction and Internet Addiction one of the main social problems of the country

The South Korean government has named a passion for games and the Internet one of the main social problems of the country and announced a plan to combat addiction.

Starting next year, gamers and

16 March 2010

In World of WarCraft another problem with the Chinese bureaucracy

The Chinese operator’s MMORPG World of WarCraft, the company NetEase, another problem. At this time, the problem lies in the disagreements on the future of World of WarCraft between two Chinese

8 January 2010

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