How best to dodge the knife in Counter-Strike

This article will try to tell about it, how best to dodge the knife.
Typically, many soverzhayut error that trying to turn around, but for the time

10 October 2009

Online game Second Life is now on mobile phones

Probably in the middle of the day you just once, but it would distract from …

16 February 2007

Virtual worlds are now in cellphones

Finnish company Sulake, creator of the virtual online world Habbo Hotel, recently introduced Mini Friday …

30 January 2007

The next game from id Software

At QuakeCon 2006 John Carmack announced that id Software has begun work on another big …

8 August 2006

EzheGO - the touchstone of “Game Kuo as being in a space-time

Relations between “I” and “peace” - a very interesting question from the standpoint of eternity, …

25 March 2006