Kinect system has received an official driver

Apparently Microsoft’s really liking that programmers from outside to create Kinect different drivers, because this way they provide good publicity product. Finally, the company released an official

12 December 2010

Promotion game Splinter Cell Conviction has to call the police

Last Friday, about 20 people sat at the bar Auckland Degree, when they were approached a man with bandages on his hands and sent them a black pistol. The visitors ran for shelter. Police were

23 April 2010

Play “I - President!” Election 2010 “goes beyond the day before the election in Ukraine!

Today the portal for tourism in Ukraine presented his design - a new flash game about the presidential election in Ukraine. The game promises the most passions: Recruitment agitators, advertising,

16 January 2010

Mayor of New York spoke out against GTA IV

City of Liberty City, which will develop action game, very similar to New York. In …

1 April 2007

The real work in Second Life

In the long term (2-3 months) are going to start a project to create a …

5 March 2007

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