Xenonauts, Carmageddon: Reincarnation, Drifter: A Space Trading Game - successfully financed in Kickstarter. Akella bankrupt.

Just a little sketch. 3 game project an incarnation of classics - for those who are not in the subject we are talking about X-Com and Elite - have successfully passed the test of people’s love. At

18 June 2012

Warface set a new record

The Russian market has become the gaming industry for more than one champion. Earlier records set “Allods Online” - 19,000 concurrent players and the World of Tanks -24 thousands of simultaneous

23 May 2012

The global online games market in 2011 grew by 23%, to $ 20 billion

According to forecasts, in 2013 it will reach 26.7 billion dollars, the report says research firm J’son & Partners Consulting.
The total number of users of online games in the world up to 2011

28 April 2012

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV) will be released in 2 years

2nd in a row during the Revolution Grand Theft Auto universe accounts for the year 2008, when I got GTA 4 on PS3 and XBOX360, and also for next year has been ported to the PC, by the way the PC

10 March 2012

Japanese companies have postponed games out of the disaster and calamities

Because of Japan tsunami struck, several game companies decided to postpone the yield on the Japanese games market, which is tied around the plot and natural disasters.

Cataclysm in Japan has forced

15 March 2011

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