Details about 37% Yarosh

Sityuevina with 37% opting for Yarosh (version 1 was growing up. Channel), I was not a little intrigued, as a journalist. And there are still people from the former wording "technical Ukrainian

26 May 2014

The virus attacks the Angry Birds of Android users

Unofficial sites to download Android-application may contain a hacker version of the game Andry Birds Space, which allows cyberhawks to take full control of your smartphone. “Trojan” called Kongfu-L,

16 April 2012

Diablo III will be released on May 15. In Russia, it will be available from June 7.

Studio Blizzard has officially announced release date for Diablo III. The game will go on sale May 15. This was reported in the official press release, which has placed the site VG24 / 7.


15 March 2012

Ministry of Defence has spent 36 million rubles for the development of “Minesweeper” and “Battleship”

Defense posted on its website four flash games, three of which - “Minesweeper,” “Tetris” and “Battleship” - there are other developers, “Test for the rank of” suspiciously similar to the fraudulent

10 January 2012

Firaxis Games are planning to recreate the UFO: Enemy Unknown

According to the website Game Informer, the company Firaxis Games, best known for producing such games Sid Meier, Civilization as from the third to fifth parts, recreating the pirates, etc. announced

8 January 2012

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