Russian automatic shotgun Saiga-12 appeared in the American game BATTLEFIELD 3

Combat shotguns have tremendous performance at close range. The overall killing power of the sheaf of buckshot cartridges 12 caliber at a distance of 30 meters corresponds to ten bullets patron

2 March 2012


Race for survival for over secret machines. A scientist from the future well-tried on his miracle of technology. The ruthless world not made of real, he does not like visitors. To survive you need

25 September 2010

British defense minister demanded the ban computer game Medal of Honor - it can play for the Taliban

British Defence Secretary Liam Fox (Liam Fox) demanded a ban the sale of the game Medal of Honor, reported The Guardian. Multiplayer shooter, which takes place in Afghanistan, can play not only for

23 August 2010

In the period of unpredictable behavior of the dollar, the game is started giving everyone the opportunity to give his prediction

All those wishing to be given the opportunity to try their hand at predicting the behavior of the dollar and euro. Whose forecast will be the most accurate - get money

1 November 2009

The student was expelled from school for the cards for Counter-Strike

One of the disciples of the Texas School decided to try his hand at design …

3 May 2007

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