There was release of the transport economic strategy of real time OpenTTD 1.0.0

After 6 years after the start of development and three Release Candidates OpenTTD game reached version 1.0! To do this voluntary work needed a dozen developers, musicians, artists and translators,

1 April 2010

Blocked users can pay off half a liter of fresh blood

Operator major online games offered blocked gamers to donate their blood to come back into …

22 March 2007

Judicial patch

It happened a little continuation of the story a month ago - when the autumn …

6 December 2006

Feel Yourself Indiana Jones. And get the treasure

Puzzle Isis Adventure. Vskroy ball, get out of it unique klyuch.I open pyramid full of …

26 October 2006

Europa Universalis III

“When the Swedish company Paradox Interactive announced its intention to make the game Europa Universalis, …

13 September 2006

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