The best five games in 2015

Every year comes a huge number of computer games, but very few of them deserve attention. Below is a list of the best PC games released in 2015 and which is not a pity to spend your time. 1) Grand

17 June 2015

In South Korea to ban free online games

In the near future, South Koreans may lose access to all shareware online games. The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism intends to prohibit the sale of virtual items, which is the main source of

16 June 2012

Popular demotivators - the most interesting pictures

Popular demotivators - the most interesting and motivating picture, the interest that has been simmering for a long time. They disagree on zhezheshechkam and VKontakte, links to friends and raise ICQ

29 July 2011

Libyan planes bombed the fuel storage Qasr Ahmed about g.Misurata

For the destruction of strategic facility used small aircraft, from which in peacetime were sprayed fertilizer during agricultural work. Such aircraft is difficult to fix the radar of modern fighters

7 May 2011

Update 4.1: “Revival Zandalari” - WOW

Very soon we will have update 4.1, so now’s the time to get acquainted with its description and novovedeniyami. Zandalari revival in the near future to come and play your Realm, and so we recommend

25 April 2011

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