World Of Tanks: prompt reviews of the game.

Pros: 1. Excellent visibility of 390 meters. 2. One-time damage (or alpha-Strike) 390 One unit is the best among ST8. 3. Accuracy 0.36 allows you to play sniper. 4. Stabilization 5. Broneprobitie

21 October 2015

Today, August 12 marks five years of an incredibly popular game World of Tanks

The idea of ​​the game, according to the developers, there was 29 or 30 December 2008. [11] The official announcement of the game was made by the studio April 24, 2009. According to the

12 August 2015

Wargaming launched Turservice WGtravel with rewards for the players World of Tanks

The developer of the game World of Tanks has launched a project WGtravel - service for the selection of tickets and hotel reservations online. The main feature of the service from the company

29 June 2015

The American company has blocked access to the Crimean popular computer games

From today, the American company Blizzard suspended Crimean access to their accounts Now residents of the peninsula, bought licensed copies of games like World of Warcraft, Diablo III and Starcraft

7 April 2015

World of Tanks developers talked about the new physics

The network has video developers, telling about the physical model, which will appear in the World of Tanks to the end of this year. The project team did a great job trying to make the game even more

6 March 2014

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