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28 August 2011

Number of subscribers to WoW falls

Yesterday the company Activision Blizzard told investors its performance for the 1 st quarter of 2011. Among other information, the president of Blizzard Entertainment Mike Morhaym (Mike Morhaime)

16 May 2011

WoW Leader - The leader of the free servers World Of Warcraft

We offer you a free server WoW. Here you will find everything you want: realm for all tastes Fun x75 x30. Would you like to communicate? Of course! We have a general chat for the Horde and Alliance.

27 April 2011

Update 4.1: “Revival Zandalari” - WOW

Very soon we will have update 4.1, so now’s the time to get acquainted with its description and novovedeniyami. Zandalari revival in the near future to come and play your Realm, and so we recommend

25 April 2011

Buy WoW Gold

If you play a great game World of Warcraft, and decided to pump some of its Persian … time to buy a little gold wow! But buying gold Islands anywhere not worth it! WowGoldSale - Trust is a

17 March 2010

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