Sales of new-generation game console PlayStation 4 launched in North America, the price is $ 399

15 November 2013

The evolution of video games, 1990-2009

Games since its inception cool evoyutsionirovali, and, since 1990, paced evolution by leaps and bounds - each year began to appear hits, who later became classics. We decided to introduce the reader

10 June 2010

Japanese doubles allowed an unforgivable mistake in the localization of Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 has become a hit in Japan, with a surprise for all dialing 39 from 40 points in the magazine Famitsu, which is usually critical of the Western game (maybe it happened because of

6 December 2009

Lead designer Nintendo encouraged to develop joyful games

Video game developers must overcome their desire to create sequels to existing hits and the …

8 March 2007

Birds On A Wire

“Gameplay is like the old 16-bit hit Bust-A-Move: Managing gun at the bottom of the …

29 September 2006

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