The American company has blocked access to the Crimean popular computer games

From today, the American company Blizzard suspended Crimean access to their accounts Now residents of the peninsula, bought licensed copies of games like World of Warcraft, Diablo III and Starcraft

7 April 2015

In South Korea to ban free online games

In the near future, South Koreans may lose access to all shareware online games. The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism intends to prohibit the sale of virtual items, which is the main source of

16 June 2012

Volgodonsk resident detained for stealing online game character

For the first time Russian police are faced with a virtual theft. The object of the crime became a character in the game Lineage 2, which cost more than 5000 real rubles.

Statement of the unusual

6 October 2011

Pekingese died in an internet cafe after spending nearly a month online

Pekingese died in an Internet cafe after nearly a month spent on the World Wide Web, wrote Tuesday portal Tsyanlunvan.

An unemployed 33-year-old man died on Monday. How to tell members of the staff,

25 February 2011

Internet friends helped a blind gamers get a video game

A blind resident of Canada on behalf of Jordan Werner was the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Reporting on the achievement of Werner was shown television channel CNN. In the passing game

4 March 2010

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