The release of the puzzle Never Alone - Game of the indigenous peoples of Alaska

Among the relatively large number of blockbusters, which were now on the shelves of the world, lost a very small project called Never Alone - puzzle game about the life of the indigenous peoples of

19 November 2014

Life is like a tank. Ukraine embraced a new passion - the online game World of Tanks

Daily brutal tank battles killed up to 3 million Ukrainians who immediately raised, and again into the battle. Swept the country a new passion - the online game World of Tanks, - says Maxim Butch

17 December 2013

Video Games do not affect the behavior of children and TV - even as

It is considered that the key to the emergence of American students with an AK-47 in colleges lies in the bloody and violent video games. Around in the Call of Duty and CS - and then all the real

22 November 2013

Carmageddon reincarnated

Team gathering to realize this ambitious project into reality - the same Stainless Games, which made the original. Now the office is mainly engaged in additions to MtG, but, apparently, inspired by

10 May 2012

The Chronicles of theater of the war in Libya. 7.8 March 2011

Blog Interpreter begins a series of photo stories from the front of “civil war” in Libya. Artistic design the opera “Life for Gaddafi” is certainly interesting and instructive. This example is

9 March 2011

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