Escape from the Chinese camp for Internet-dependent

Fourteen young Chinese have fled the camp for people suffering from Internet addiction. In this institution, they, of course, was excluded from the web and do what in these camps are engaged in the usual drug - do physical exercises and worked. The youngest of them was 15 years old and the oldest - 22 years. Patients tied up the guard, while he was asleep, and fled.
Chinese teenagers are often not well protected, as would be expected from such institutions. In 2009, this camp was beaten to death overseers, a young man named Dan Senshan, who was 16 years old. The boy was sent to cure Internet addiction (mainly from addiction to the online game World of Warcraft) parents. His father, a businessman, Dan Fay, paid for the treatment of his son 7000 yuan, or about 1000 dollars. The agreement with the administration of the camp, it was stated that certain procedures will help a young person to become independent from bad habits due to “work closely with teachers, schools.
It also pointed out that these same “teacher” used “harsh measures”, which, however, does not include torture or other methods that can physically harm the patient. ” As a result, Dan Senshan dosmerti been hammered by warders, for the fact that in training too slowly escaped. In May 2010 “teacher” who committed this act were sentenced to ten years imprisonment.
Unknown as to whether the escaped Chinese torture in his camp. But nothing bad they are not plotting - linking the guard, Internet-dependent apologized for what they had done. Then, the young people were divided into groups of three and tried to leave the city, where he lived leader escape.
The parents were not thrilled contemplate their children - they have paid for six months of their children in the camp more than $ 2500 (or 18000 yuan) and absolutely did not expect young people at home before the deadline. Most of them wanted to send their offspring back.

9 June 2010

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