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In Ukraine, the fitness is becoming increasingly popular. Regular visits to a sports club helps to cope with excess weight, feel better and find a remarkable figure. And no matter what the wellness center like for you personally? Probably in the fitness club with comfortable rooms, professional trainers and a wide range of additional services. There are places we try to find today, at the same time […]

15 June 2010

Clinton promised to Latvia U.S. support in solving various problems “
Blizzard Starcraft cost more than $ 100 million

• Buy WoW Gold, World Of Warcraft gold, buying and selling WoW gold! »»» - Full range of services to players in World Of Warcarft.
• GraviTire 3D innovation in mobile games. »»»
Modern company Anuloid Games, together with its professional staff in the world of mobile technology, has developed a new super-game for Android and IOS.
• In South Korea's launching of the world computer games - similar to the real Olympic sport »»»
This is - similar to the real Olympic sport, which will bring together about 20 000 “on-line athletes’ Computer games are a real sport because they are accompanied by chants and fans.
• Finnish police investigating the case of stealing virtual furniture »»»
According to police, “a significant amount of property” was stolen from 400 users of the popular online game Habbo Hotel.
• Valve will release a new version of Counter Strike in early 2012 »»»
One of the testers, Counter-strike: Global Offensive shared details of the gameplay before the game on display Gamescom.