Race for survival for over secret machines. A scientist from the future well-tried on his miracle of technology. The ruthless world not made of real, he does not like visitors. To survive you need petrol, drives to the information digicam, communications and much more. You will be tracks on the distinction between pieces of land. Each track contains the most dangerous opponents who will not give you peace of mind shift for many, strong enough, because if you prizhmut you do not have big trouble. For you will hunt navigating cyborgs. The most interesting thing that some of them quite similar to ship from the sea, others - on the garbage, the next is not clear on that. So you’d better stay away from them. Do not approach him at point-blank, or your health indicator drops to zero, and the game ends. Rather, you will lose your chance, and chance you have very little. Robots from the pile of iron - is another problem. Do not allow our time is up and your car explodes. It sounds a little silly, but even at the initial stage, you all will become clear. Try your strength and skills in these fantastic races.

25 September 2010

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Cosmic Skateboard

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A production center Rocketdog announced the launch of an innovative interactive online games, where characters become real people.
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One would think that after the E3 exhibition in the game world must be peace and quiet.
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Rocket skates, 3-dimensional arcade game, clear graphics that still need to order to get a lot of fun!
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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon came out on Xbox 360 and PS3 for a long time, in 2011.
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Modern company Anuloid Games, together with its professional staff in the world of mobile technology, has developed a new super-game for Android and IOS.