In the pre-Christmas sale has started Steam

A couple of hours ago, began one of the largest annual sales of games through the service Steam. If you put off buying for a long time favorite game - now you can stock up on them for future use. Discounts on most popular games from 25 to 75%, and some complete collections of up to 90%.

Unfortunately, most new games out of the sale, but this is just an excuse to wait for next year - or find yourself a real job and not wait for sales)

Sale will last until January 1, so that special occasion to hurry - no. Especially, the server still groaning under the waves of gamers, silently screaming to the screen 503.

Along the way, in the winter sale has started Origin Action games from EA. (Crysis 2, Dead Space, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Alice: Madness Returns, NFS) in the BF 3 - no.

P.S. Always look to pay - how much will charge your account the purchase.
PSS For those who do not understand what it does here - is not “spam” is “not interested”.

19 December 2011

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