Why are games so expensive?

It has long been pondered over the question of why video games are so expensive? Then just for you agency Forbes undertook a special study during what became known the details of such prices. A good example was taken a hit action movie Gears of War, released only on next-generation console the Xbox 360.
As it turned out, the production of the game takes about $ 27, of which $ 15 goes to artists and designers, and the remaining $ 12 - programmers. Another $ 15 dollars spent on retail markup, which is 25%. Do not forget also the producer of the console, which came out a toy. In this case, seven dollars for one piece departs renowned Microsoft.
The remaining money goes shopping and other distributors who sell video games. That is why, dear gamers have to give such amount. Although in this case the project is worth the money.

24 December 2006 | case, console, detail, money, news, price, question, survey, video game

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