Fallout released on Xbox360

Todd Howard (Todd Howard), executive producer of Fallout series in an interview with British magazine Official Xbox360 Magazine announced the release Fallout 3 for Xbox360

19 January 2007 | fallout, interview, journal, output, producer, series

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• Fallout 3 will be shown "soon" »»»
Bethesda Softworks The company plans to demonstrate the game “in the near future.
• Before the Fallout 3 trailer only a little over a month »»»
Company Bethesda, which recently bought the rights to the Fallout series for $ 5.
• Note terbium:: PSP:: GTA Vice City Stories - is no longer rumors »»»
10th May Rockstar Games at E3 officially announced that GTA: Vice City Stories will be released this year.
• Lara Croft returns to work in 2008 »»»
In 2008, the popular Tomb Raider game series will be continued, announced SCi, parent company of Eidos Interactive.
• Virtua Fighter 5 »»»
SEGA have once again demonstrated their care attitude to the adherents of the PlayStation 3 - first withhold Virtua Fighter 5 for better times, but now he announced the same to the enemy camp - Xbox 360.