The massacre at Columbine American high school turned into a video game

The game, which was created by a neighboring school student, downloaded from the Internet more than 10 thousand people. The reaction of most different. Parents of the victims say they are outraged at the cynical attitude of the author’s games.

18 May 2006 | author, internet, man, murder, parent, ratio, reaction, school, video game

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• The student was expelled from school for the cards for Counter-Strike »»»
One of the disciples of the Texas School decided to try his hand at design levels and created a map for the popular game Counter-Strike, which is exactly like the plan the school, where he received education.
• American parents are waiting for the invasion of pedophiles »»»
Brad Hicks (Brad Hicks), journalist information publications My Fox Milwaukee, was the “author” new hysteria star-spangled society.
• Seoul equate online games Drugs »»»
South Korean authorities want to equate computer games to drugs and alcohol.
• The creator of Full Throttle and Monkey Island is raising money to create a new game - one day raised $ 460 thousand »»»
Tim Schafer, author of classic quests Full Throttle!, Monkey Island and Grim Fandango, intends to “return to roots” - to develop a new adventure.
• Game Lair for the PS3 is nearly completed ... »»»
In an interview with an authoritative resource, Game Informer, president of Factor 5 Julian Egebreht (Julian Eggebrecht) details about the project said Lair, who is now created for the PlayStation 3.