Incredible Adventures Xbox 360 in Russia

Russia launched the Xbox 360, called for so long, finally took place. Already in February, sales will go to pilot the party the next generation of consoles from the best friend of rural teachers Bill Gates.

14 February 2007 | adventure, february, for sale, friend, generation, prefix, run, russia, xbox

Until then sunk ….
Second Life: the opening of the University business-communication

• Microsoft game console will be released in Russia before the competitor from Sony »»»
In Russia start sales top box next generation XBox 360 from Microsoft.
• 15699 rubles for Xbox 360 »»»
According, Microsoft has finally announced the official recommended price of Xbox360 in Russia.
• Aliens vs Predator will issue in Russia »»»
So I think this game is known to all as “Aliens vs Predator” which once took pride of place in the rating games, and I think it took until now!
• Bill Gates can not play on the Xbox 360 »»»
Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, lost the match on the Xbox 360 Mexican soccer player Rafael Marquez - final score was 1:2.
• Bill Gates ne peut pas jouer sur la Xbox 360 »»»
Bill Gates, le fondateur de Microsoft, a perdu le match de soccer sur la 360 Xbox joueur mexicain Rafael Marquez - score final était de 1:2.