China has 31 million online players

The number of people in China play online games, in 2006 was 31 million 120 thousand, by 18,5% more than in 2005 estimated that by 2010 their number will reach 44 million 780 thousand

16 February 2007 | china, man, number, score

Online game Second Life is now on mobile phones
As the Japanese call game companies

• Only in the U.S. and UK game Modern Warfare 2 for 24 hours has earned $ 310 million »»»
Activision announced that the Modern Warfare 2 was "the most bolshimm launch in the history of all forms of media and entertainment products.
• World of Tanks has become one of the most profitable online games in the world »»»
Belarusian company developed Wargaming game World of Tanks has earned in 2013 372 million dollars, according to the newspaper "Vedomosti", citing data analyst firm SuperData.
• U.S. video game market declined by a quarter »»»
The company NPD Group has once again been a sharp decline in sales in the U.
• Ctrast to Mmorpg can grow in the "addiction"? »»»
Curious statistic leads GameSpot UK. According to sociological studies, at least in 12 percent of online gamers are showing signs of pathological dependence on MMORP games.
• Compulsive gambling »»»
People love to play games. Not only in gambling. In 60-ies in the United States have become very popular so-called “role-playing games.