10tacle Studios is preparing a special version of Elveon for PS3

Elveon, role-based third-party action still appear on the Playstation 3 … Recall the game was originally announced only for the platforms PC & Xbox 360, causing a large negative from the fans console Playstation.

Matthias Schindler reported that 10tacle Studios is preparing a special version of Elveon for PS3, including now satisfied all …

One of the most striking elements of this ekshena developer finds immense development elven combat system and spectacular fight with knives. Strong impression and a huge, carefully crafted world of elves, Naon …

Exit Elveon is scheduled for the summer in versions for the PC and Xbox 360, we hope that the creation of “special” version for the PS3 will not last …

7 March 2007 | console, elveon, face, fan, pc, platform, playstation, version, xbox

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