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Previously, the most popular “exchanger” game currency on the Internet was auction eBay, where it was possible not only to buy the currency, but also to find any digital artifacts for almost any game. However, more recently, eBay banned the trade of virtual artifacts (with rare exceptions). Thus, the players remained only the possibility to use exchange offices: or official that there is not all games, or informal. In any case, currency exchange took a commission for the transaction.

8 March 2007 | artifact, auction, currency, ebay, internet, item

10tacle Studios is preparing a special version of Elveon for PS3
Lead designer Nintendo encouraged to develop joyful games

• Virtual banks will give these loans »»»
The creator of the game, a Swedish company, MindArk is planning to hold an auction, which will be sold five banking licenses.
• $ 330,000 - for a virtual house and rolled the user game Entropia Universe »»»
Back in the day when developers just announced plans to
• City Games »»»
Recently the game appearing on the Internet with the title: “City Games”, is rapidly gaining popularity among Internet users.
• The old 8-bit game for the NES sold for $ 13 105 »»»
User of the auction eBay, which has decided to sell the old game console Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and a few games, suddenly became the owner of a considerable sum of money.
• In RuNet opened to accept payments in Second Life »»»
On April 3 Roboxchange jointly with Metro Corporation opened the service instant automatic account recharge in the popular multi-user virtual world Second Life all e-currencies.