DirectX 10 are porting to Linux and MacOS

Yesterday the company Falling Leaf Systems announced the alpha version of the efficiency project called Alky Project. Alky Project has set itself the lofty task: move DirectX 10, which is available only for Windows Vista, first on Windows XP, and then on Linux and MacOS X. The project intends to accomplish this goal by creating a converter that converts DX10 to run on “nevistovyh” operating systems. The target OS must work under the architecture of x86, which excludes from the list of PowerPC-version of MacOS X.

25 April 2007 | company, directx, linux, macos, name, projects, task, vista, windows

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• And yet all future games will require Windows Vista »»»
Unfortunately, the information that DirectX 9.0L is the analog of DirectX 10, but to work with Windows XP, was premature.
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Representatives of the studio Relic Entertainment ( “Impossible Creatures”, “Homeworld”, “Warhammer 40.
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Although, Microsoft has promised, but she could never be fully backward compatible new version of DirectX 10 (as we know, this version is completely rewritten, so radically different from previous), and older versions of DirectX.
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• И все таки будущие игры потребуют Windows Vista »»»
К сожалению, информация о том, что DirectX 9.0L будет аналогом DirectX 10, но для работы с Windows XP, оказалась преждевременной.