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Opened in January developed a site / blog, which aims to review all the games published for the console 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. Few people remember the 3DO, very few people know that it produced a specification of the fifth generation game console (32-bit, CD-ROM), that this attachment has been issued by companies such as Panasonic, GoldStar, Sanyo, and that under it fired hundreds of games.

30 August 2006 | blog, company, generation, hundred, january, prefix, purpose, review, website

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• A gamer-killer »»»
November 20, in Germany, a fan of shooters, took up arms, went to school, which were concerned he was not too successful the past.
• In Japan, there was an exhibition devoted to the 100-year history of Nintendo »»»
Nintendo was founded in Kyoto in 1889. The first business of the company were playing cards “hanafuda” (Hanafuda).
• Akella Company made a formal response to the controversial review of the game "Disciples 3: Renaissance" of the site »»»
The official response on the items for review can be read here.
• Where you are the most intelligent? »»»
In order to play a significant 13Mb, free, with appalling graphics and without the production of Introversion Softvare, got in a game review should be founded.
• Fallout 3 Alfa version, swing? »»»
Interplay company closed its role-division Black Isle Studios in late 2003.