Recently I became a brand manager.

I did not change the scope of work and just every day I played in “Brendagochi. By name you can guess, that it is an incarnation of the famous Tamagotchi - a virtual creature who needs to pay attention and care, but he falls ill and dies. Out of the same name, it follows that the deviation from the game - economic.

1 September 2006 | , account, activities, it, name, sphere

For the project “IT Area” 2,5 million users
The perfect game for the office of plankton.

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Recently the game appearing on the Internet with the title: “City Games”, is rapidly gaining popularity among Internet users.
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Recently, the press published an interesting quiz among the leading Russian top-managers.
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Recently, a remarkable fashion designer to the game Warcraft III, lazy in their work.
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In Robert Louis Stevenson, in addition to the famous “Treasure Island”, there are other great works.
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One gentleman wanted to get rid of the boys playing with a ball under his windows.