New Star Wars: Battlefront comes out next month

New Star Wars: Battlefront comes out next month, but the players are already available early beta version. We had a chance to try out several missions available at this point in the game, including: Survival on Tatooine, “landing zone”, as well as the opportunity to become parties to a fierce battle in the assault Imperial walkers rebel base on Hoth. In this mission, the earth was soaked with blood just deposited.

Battlefront was developed by DICE, and although the game in its mechanics is very similar to a series of games Battlefield, - it’s still a separate and distinguishable media franchise. Characters use laser blasters Unlike real weapons, and return much less than in a similar war games. The recharging blasters also do not need, but can overheat - and will be for some time to cool down. Adding realism, the characters have a modest selection of options “discharge” than in Battlefield. The game has a lot of “real” weapons of the universe Star Wars, but such a wide range of aids in Battlefield you will not find here.
In order to diversify and improve the gameplay, players available to choose ancillary skills through an openable with time system called “Star Maps”. Players can choose up to 3 of these cards to form a kind of “hand” from this set of cards. Maps - an auxiliary weapons and uniforms such as a thermal detonator, the deflector shield, and jetpack option - this pack will not allow you to fly freely or run on the walls - it just helps to make long jumps. But, despite its limited capacity, - the use of the backpack was hardly the most amusing aspect on our possession.
Satchel certainly good - others maps provide more practical and specialized tools. For example ion weapon does more damage droids, and use it sometimes plays a decisive role: especially when you are trying to bring down a giant AT-ST walker. Another card: long-range rifle with a long cooldown. Even types of grenades are distributed on the cards, their number is not limited, but there is also a time of “overcharging” between throws.

31 October 2015

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