3 days before the release of Defcon

That’s it has finally released the latest variation on the theme of global nuclear war. From the creators of Uplink and Darwinia - Introversion Software.
Stylistics - the film “WarGames.”

25 September 2006 | creator, day, movie, output, topic, war

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Half-Life 2 goes into space

• A few hours ago the stock Humble Introversion Bundle »»»
This is the seventh event Humble Bundle - action, in which all those who wish to buy a set of games at a price that sets the buyer.
• Несколько часов назад началась акция Humble Introversion Bundle »»»
Это седьмая по счёту акция Humble Bundle - акция, в рамках которой всем желающим предлагают купить набор игр по цене.
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Electronic Arts markets demo coming Command Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.
• Half-Life 2: Episode 2 coming soon »»»
Strange as it seems in the light of current trends carries games, but Episode 2 of the trilogy of Half-Life 2 still will have this winter.
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A brief review of the most promising games of 2007.