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4 November 2009 | battle, creation, developer, fan, history, politics, series, supplement, training

VTsIOM: More than half of Muscovites believe interethnic relations in the city tense
The temptation - a unique browser-based project with role-playing game and puzzles that is unparalleled in the market of online games.

• "Three Kingdoms" - a new game project for the same-name book series by Yuri Nikitin »»»
Company Area IT announces the beginning of work on a new game projects under the working title “Three Kingdoms” on the same-name book series by renowned science fiction writer Yuri Nikitin.
• Hellgate: London - release scheduled for the summer »»»
One of the most famous long-term construction, a hybrid of action games and role-playing game Hellgate: London, found a more or less approximate date of release.
• Numenor 2006. The land of kings. »»»
Earlier this month Vyksunskij historic and patriotic role-playing club, “Citadel” participated in a role-playing game “Numenor 2006: Land of Kings”, which was conducted under Vorsma 8,9 and 10 September to explain “Akallabêth” - one of the chapters of our beloved John R.
• Secret Agent females in Splinter Cell 4 for the PS3 »»»
Admirers of espionage series Splinter Cell, who purchased the PS3 and wait out the fourth part of the game in March, waiting for a little surprise.
• They kill the Russians every day »»»
A major American publication - The Washington Post, known for its ambiguous position regarding the mythical "Russian hackers", compiled a list of the main villains of computer shooters.