Fbi closes pirate servers lineage2

Yesterday, 17/11/2006 by the FBI had been closed several leading unofficial servers (around 20)
Among them: http://www.l2extreme.com, http://www.paradise.com etc.
These server hangs FBI official note.

20 November 2006 | fbi, server

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The company NCsoft with ill-disguised glee reported about covering up shop L2Extreme, providing users with unauthorized access to the MMORPG Lineage II.
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Interplay company closed its role-division Black Isle Studios in late 2003.
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Description: Babe server can be done without CW YWCA, the server is fully configured for CW!
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Beschreibung: Babe Server ohne YWCA CW getan werden kann, ist der Server vollständig konfiguriert v0 für CW!